Minieconomy currently offers 3 kinds of services for its vintage product – Informatist.


Entrepreneurship Education Partner Program

The Minieconomy provides free Enterepreneuership lesson plan to education partners. The Informatist Entrepreneurship Lesson Plan is designed based on Informatist global competition platform. The program helps the students understand the rule of both market and economy; and understand all aspects of business operations, as well as to train the students in communication skills, business observation capability and negotiation ability, which with the final purpose of training the students to be the business leaders in future.

Unlike the traditional training with books, Informatist platform provide students a chance to experience the real business and buildup their business capability efficiently. The students will together with 100,000 program participants who come from around the world, to learn and practice from each other in the global platform. The students will not only strengthen their theoretical knowledge, but also train their analytical skills, as well as improve their skills of business communication.

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Free Service

The Minieconomy Free Service includes the standard version of Informatist online business simulated game. You can adjust up to 50 parameters, like tax, job markets, difficulty levels, etc. Team management and user management functions are also ready for schools. You can even customize the districts’ information to make the game look as if it’s happening in your own city. Informatist is provided absolutely free of cost under this scheme. The only fee we charge is the nominal server-hosting fee, and that too, if you want us to provide the hosting environment for you. This may vary from $200 - $1000 per month based on the school-size and the number of players.

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Customized Service

The Minieconomy Customized Service includes a fully customized version of Informatist online business simulated game for schools and communities. If you want to have some additional features, like customized report and special scenarios to support your economics class, we will make all desired modifications in the game as per your specifications. Additionally, we will also render all possible assistance to the schools and Communities regarding Informatist, should they need it. The fee is based on specific modifications and programming hours required to incorporate all the changes.

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