MINIECONOMY.COM is an online business education game provider catering to the Junior and High Schools, and Communities for Adult Education.


Junior Schools

Develop as you play!

A simulated environment offers the best medium for school kids to learn even the most technical aspects in a subtly simpler way. For instance, business is one area that involves the understanding of lots of market-related concepts. Instead of learning from books, if the students play and master a game that simulates the real-world business environment, they will come out as promising young entrepreneurs of the future! And the best part is that teachers don’t have to motivate the kids to play a game (as they are always eager to get involved in sports!). offers Internet based multiple-user business simulation and education environment for the students of Junior Schools to get hands-on experience of teamwork and competition.


High Schools

Develop the decision tools to succeed in the real business world!

No need to go through the voluminous business books to understand the nitty-gritty of business when you can simulate real business world online! Most High Schools tend to stress on the bookish knowledge to impart the real business world knowledge to students. Undoubtedly, this mode of generating future entrepreneurs is obsolete and insufficient, to say the least! By assessing and supplementing their knowledge through online simulated business game, the High School students will acquire practical knowledge without actually taking the risks in the real business world. offers the best simulated environment through various online tools to enable the High School students in creating informed judgments, and enhance their confidence in the quality of their judgments to solve real time problems.


Communities for Adult Education

Learn the Art of Business without any risk!

Just about anyone interested in learning and mastering business will find simulated environment stimulating! Doesn’t matter if the learners are 15 or 50, whether they live in a remote African country, or in a plush British mansion! The Communities for Adult Education just need an Internet connection to realize learners’ dreams of owning and managing business one day.

At a low investment, the Communities can supplement the classroom teaching with online simulated practical experience and help the learners acquire sufficient knowledge about each business aspect, from business law to tax strategy to accounting to competition to court cases.

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